Successful Strategies for Creative Endeavors®



by Alexandra Darraby

New Edition 2016-2017

Thomson Reuters Westlaw


This treatise synthesizes the field of art law and provides a valuable resource for museums, collectors, auctions, dealers, galleries, artists, developers, architects, and preservation committees. It examines laws governing visual arts, presenting analysis of social, policy, economic, and cultural issues affecting arts transaction s and litigation. It covers the fundamentals of trade practices, valuation and appraisal, the Uniform Commercial Code, auction, international trade, copyright, trademark, and unfair competition, artist's rights, constitutional issues regarding display and exhibition, art fraud, archaeology and artifacts, and historic preservation. It also examines issues relating to tax, bankruptcy, evidence, fraud, forgery, import and export, and related areas.


  • Includes the regulation of art sales under the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Provides expert guidance of artists' rights and covers the Visual Artists Rights Act
  • Includes extensive appendixes that direct the reader to primary law, rules, and international regulations
  • Saves research time with expert examination and comprehensive coverage of art law and trade practices

Book Review

Art at its finest...A review of Art, Artifact, Architecture & Museum Law
by Pamela D. Bass

At first glance Alexandra Darraby’s Art, Artifact, Architecture & Museum Law is intimidating: two volumes totaling over 2500 pages. However, it soon becomes very comforting and confidence building. The treatise is a “must have” for attorneys, lawmakers, judges, agencies, insurance companies, artists, appraisers, museum curators, and art enthusiasts across the globe. It would also be a great “hornbook” for law students looking to study or research ... READ MORE>