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American Institute of Architects invites Alexandra Darraby to address architects and designers in San Francisco: “Truth & Consequences of Design Copyright Licensing!"


AIA San Francisco

Are you using your creative and analytical skills to your advantage? What does a "license" really do, how is interpreted as a legal document, and what should you insert or omit in your licensing agreements. What designs and concepts are you authorizing your clients to use even after they part ways with you, and what happens to your work product if the project fails or the client bails? Alexandra Darraby presents the 5 myths of copyright licensing for designs and plans, including how and when to apply for copyright in the design of your building and when to seek protection for the plans and technical drawings, how to monetize design elements like lighting, furniture, and how to trademark the “look and feel” projects. The internet poses an opportunity and a trap for architects and designers—learn how and why you and your business need to be savvy about postings and image distribution. Ask about:

  • Licenses, what are they really?
  • Selecting license terms: AIA forms or crafted agreements?
  • Internet and your imagery and designs
  • Non-exclusive licenses, court-created rights
  • Copyright vs. Design Patents
  • 5 Big Myths of Copyright


About the Speaker

Alexandra Darraby is a founder and principal of The Art Law Firm, a private practice dedicated to arts, new media, technology and architecture. The firm represents interests in the Mid-East, Russia, Singapore, the European Union, and Caribbean. She authored the Architectural Copyright section of the national AIA HANDBOOK OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE and represents architects, designers, developers and artists on urban projects. She prepares architecture and design services and licensing agreements, and is the author of the AIC model professional services agreement for private practice. In addition to licensing and distribution agreements, the practice represents clients on issues of technology, internet, provenance, authenticity, estates and trusts, foundations, corporate and constitutional law.

She is on the Russia-US Bilateral Presidential Commission headed by Presidents Obama and Putin. Ms. Darraby is Co-Chair of the IP Legal Frameworks in Innovation Working Group, and the Delegate to China’s SIPO-US Bar Council. Ms. Darraby is the founding Chair of New Media and Content Innovation Committee in the ABA International Law Section and Immediate Past Chair of International Intellectual Property Rights. She is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.