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Hashmarking Licenses: The Global Positioning of Content Licensing and Branding

Plenary of Industry Leaders and Experts on Social Media and Branding Moderated, titled "Hashmarking Licenses: The Global Positioning of Content Licensing and Branding," moderated by Alexandra Darraby, The Art Law Firm

ABA Annual Meeting Oct 2013

Alexandra Darraby, principal in The Art Law Firm, Los Angeles, California, moderated a global licensing PLENARY featuring IP experts from theatre, sports, media, diplomacy and governrnent Mark Cohen, Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law, New York, Ayala Deutsch, Senior Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, National Basketball Association, New York, Victoria G. Traube, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs & General Counsel, Imagem, New York, and Gordon Williams, Partner, Lee & Thompson, London.

Panelists provided practical tips on global strategies for IP licensing in a cross-border internet-bound world. Panelists focused on 1) domestic IP licenses abroad; 2) foreign licenses in the USA; 3) international licensing agreements; and 4) the United States international regulatory IP matrix under treaties and statutes, including rights and obligations under WIPO, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocols

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