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SIPO - US Bar Council - ACPAA Conference New York City SIPO Commissioner Tian Lipu Delivers Keynote   ACPAA:   AIPLA:   NYIPLA:

Alexandra Darraby SIPOAlexandra Darraby SIPO 


Part 1 - China Issues (SIPO, ACPAA and Council)


Introductions and Keynote address by SIPO Commisioner Tian Lipu on Developments in China Patent Law

Commissioner Tian Lipu - SIPO ( )
Dean Matthew Diller - Cardozo School of Law
C. Frederick Koenig III - Council Chair / ABA/IPL Section


CN Prosecution Issues Regarding CN Article 26.3

Peter Thurlow - New York Intellectual Property Law Association; Wei Zhang (Jones Day) - Council
Henry Hadad (Chief IP Counsel at Bristol -Myers Squibb) - Council
Ge Shu, Director General, Patent Examination Administration - SIPO
Ji Liu, CCIP Patent & Trademark Law Office - ACPAA ( )
Moderator Alan Kasper - Council Vice-Chair / AIPPI-US ( )


Employment-Related Inventions - Rights/Remuneration SIPO Regulations

Manny Schecter - IBM - New York State Bar - Council
Yonghua Zhang - Division Director, Department of Treaty and Law - SIPO
Xiaomen Gu - ShangChen & Partner - ACPAA

Moderator Alexandra Darraby - ABA Int. Law Section


Coffee Break


CN Prosecution Issues Regarding CN Article 33 

Andrew Schwaab - San Francisco (California) IPLA
Hubin Zhou - Division Director, Patent Affairs Adm. Depart. - SIPO
Bin Chen - Shanghai Patent & Trademark Office - ACPPA
Moderator Yimei Hammond - Council Secretary / Columbus (Ohio) IPLA


Q&A of SIPO Officials and ACPAA Representatives Regarding China Patent Law and Practice

Yonghua Zhang, Hubin Zhou- SIPO
Ji Liu, Xiaoman Gu, Bin Chen, among others - ACPAA
Moderators - Wendy Choi - Atlanta (Georgia) Bar Association and Professor Justin Hughes - Cardozo School of Law



 Part 2 - U.S. Issues (ACPAA and Council)


Practical Implication of “Tivo v. Echostar” and Good Faith Issues

Patrick Coyne - Federal Circuit Bar Association
Thomas B. Mason - Zuckerman Spaeder LLP - Council
Christopher Shao Wei - NTD Intellectual Property Attorneys - ACPAA
Moderator Barbara Gislason - Minnesota IPLA


Patentability of DNA - Myriad

Hans Sauer - Biotechnology Industry Organization - Council
Li Wu - Beijing F&S Intellectual Property Ltd - ACPAA
Moderator Chen Wang - American Intellectual Property Law Association


AIA Prioritized Exam Requirements and Prior Art Issues

Denise Kettlelberger - AIPLA - Council
Qinghong Xu - Lung Tin International IP Agent Ltd. - ACPAA
Moderator Rory Radding - New York State Bar Association


Closing Remarks

C. Frederick Koenig III - Council Chair / ABA/IPL Section


Reception at Cardozo

(Simultaneous Translation Coordinator - Brad Chin - Houston (Texas) IPLA)
(Cardozo Facilities Coordinator – Professor David Morrison – Cardozo School of Law)
(Registration/Accounting – Lisa Lu – NYIPLA ( ); CLE Coordination – Carey Farley – ABA/IPL Sec.) 


Moot Court and other Facilities: Cardozo School of Law

Simultaneous translation for the event: Cardozo School of Law and Bracewell & Giuliani -Houston, TX

Coffee Service and Speaker Lunch: New York State Bar Association, Intellectual Property Law Section, and  Volpe and Koenig - Philadelphia, PA

Post-Symposium reception: Cardozo School of Law and American Bar Association Section of International Law 

Registration and accounting coordination: New York Intellectual Property Law Association

CLE accreditation of the event: American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law

Sunday Evening Welcome Reception of SIPO officials and ACPAA Guests:
Jones Day - New York, NY, Biotechnology Industry Organization, and Sughrue Mion -Washington, D.C.